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Business Team

Concordia SAE Business Team's goal is to focus on; marketing, sponsorship, finance, events, and competition including cases and presentations. 


The marketing subdivision manages different platforms of the society to help develop different strategies for the content of the different competitions, website, branding. The Marketing team works with many of the other SAE sub-divisions to make sure that we can create a story from what is (item/thing/story) that we are trying to say.


The sponsorship subdivision networks and focuses on outreach to partnering companies. As well as managing different sponsorship contracts to obtain the much-needed resources to sustain the society’s different projects. 


The Business team also works on cases and competition gathers information from different teams within Concordia SAE to assist with competition preparation and presentation, which carries each year.

The finance subdivision assists with different accounts of the society managing payments, and purchase forms alongside VP finance, and creates forecasting budgets for the upcoming year. 

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