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Concordia SAE

Concordia SAE, located in Montreal, Quebec, is a student-run chapter of SAE International at Concordia University. A world-renowned engineering organization, SAE International hosts the Collegiate Design Series competitions for students. These yearly international competitions allow students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations, challenging students to design, manufacture, test, and compete with a vehicle in a dynamic environment.


 It is a challenging but rewarding experience, ensuring that a future generation of professionals enters the workforce with a strong foundation of practical and highly applicable skills. All aspects of the society are run entirely by students and as such, our members learn responsibility, time management, commitment, and teamwork. These social skills are valid tools for future engineers to learn in order to excel in the workplace. Participants must balance their schedules, priorities, and commitments in both their personal and academic lives. This chapter is very much geared towards hard work, determination, and those with a passion for learning and collaborating with peers towards a common goal.

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