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General Sponsorship

While our society receives a portion of our funding from the University, a substantial amount must come through
sponsorships. We depend heavily on the generosity of companies like yourself to support our projects, either
financially or in-kind, in order to maintain the continued operation of our society.

By sponsoring Concordia SAE, your company will gain exposure both in our society and beyond. We run stories
on our sponsors’ products through various social media pages, put up banners and stickers in our workshops, and
finally, add logos to both on our competition vehicles and apparel.

Aero Design Sponsorship

Being a part of Concordia AeroDesign is an incredible opportunity for students of all disciplines to explore and experience the world of aircraft design. The project allows students to work on and learn the design and manufacturing of a remote-controlled aircraft, by tying in students from various undergraduate degrees, from electrical and computer engineering, to aerospace and mechanical. It provides the opportunity for future engineers to work on a project that closely mimics what they might see in the industry. This project encompasses every step of the process from conceptualization to realization, including the roadblocks that engineers must surpass. We participate in the official SAE AeroDesign competition hosted by SAE International, along with over 60 other teams from around the world. The work done for Aero Design is strictly extra-curricular, with no in-class credit.


Our team is competing in the Regular Class category this year, where in this category, aircrafts are required to operate from a short runway, specifically with a 100 ft. runway limit, while flying and carrying oversized cargo in the form of soccer balls as well as metal plates. Other constraints are a 1000 watt limiter as well as a 120-inch wingspan limit. Rules are changed and updated every three years, making this year the teams' second year of the design cycle. A design report and presentation equally tie in the project, which tests our engineering knowledge and decisions made. 

Baja Sponsorship

Concordia BAJA Racing has a history of building off-road vehicles spanning for over 25 years. Every year, the BAJA team must design a complete vehicle and build it in order to compete in official SAE  Collegiate Design Series competitions, where we compete against other universities from across the world. While the engine is provided by SAE International, the team must design the chassis,  suspension, and driveline systems to outperform competitors. Vehicles are tested to near destruction during several of six possible events: acceleration, suspension and traction, rock crawl,  maneuverability, hill climb, sled pull, and finally a four-hour endurance race.

While our team and project are partially funded by Concordia University, the majority of our finances are raised through sponsorship and fundraising. We depend heavily on the generosity of our sponsors to finance our project and allow us to compete in competitions. By supporting the team, you are supporting the future of many soon-to-be engineers with a passion for what they do. This co-curricular activity gives Concordia students the rare and unique opportunity to collaborate with peers in a fun and exciting environment. In return, Baja SAE can provide numerous forms of marketing and visibility for its sponsors. This includes, but is not limited to, logo placement on our vehicles and apparel, as well as on other promotional material such as our website, banners, pamphlets and our website.

Formula Sponsorship

The team brings together students of diverse backgrounds, from different engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical, and software, and leverages skills and experience from various student-run organizations. It currently includes many members eager to work on sustainable transport for a greener future and always ready to reach new heights.

By sponsoring Concordia Formula Racing, you will help promote learning and growth, furthering student initiative and innovation, and encouraging creativity and passion. This interdisciplinary project gives Concordia students unforgettable experiences and the possibility of being part of an ambitious and passionate team.

To learn more about sponsoring Concordia Formula Racing:

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