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Our Subsystems

Chassis & Ergonomics

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The chassis is designed to balance driver safety, driver comfort, and vehicle performance while ensuring proper integration of all other subsystems. The main concerns of the chassis design include; balancing roll cage weight and stiffness, improving manufacturing symmetry of the chassis as well as proper suspension point locating and integration. 

Suspension & Steering

The suspension is one of the most critical subsystems in Baja. It dictates the handling of the car, its ability to cross rough terrains, and is typically the first thing to break in a race. The suspension must provide sufficiently agile handling while remaining lightweight, easy to service, and easy to manufacture. The objectives of the steering subsystem is to have a desirable steering radius while simultaneously being robust and having an appropriate steering ratio.

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The goal of the drivetrain is to deliver torque and speed through to the wheels as efficiently and effectively as possible through the CVT and gearbox, as we are not allowed to modify the 10 Horsepower Kohler CH440 engine. The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is a key aspect of the drivetrain, being used to balance top speed, and torque (for towing/ climbing hills). A mandatory 4WD transmission rule has also been added since 2022 thus a front differential has been implemented in our vehicles.



Stopping the vehicle is one of the simplest components of an off-road vehicle yet it is one of the most vital parts of any race car. It’s a safety measure to protect our driver and others from high-speed collisions, as well as a race advantage in tight corners and handling.

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Electronics & Data Acquisition

The electrical subsystem of the team encompass all electrical components as well as data acquisition projects. Besides ensuring brake lights and kill switches work as per competition rules, the team's designs are tested, validated, and iterated through the implementation of various sensor assemblies by conducting data analysis from our tests.

Our Team

Michele Ionno | Co-coordinator, Internal

Gabriel Doyle | Co-coordinator, External

Matthew Parthimos | Technical Director

PJ Schembre | Drivetrain Lead

Emma Barr | Suspension Lead

Juliano Rivera | Brakes Lead

Sut Wing Mok | Electronics Lead

Andrzej Fedorowicz | ECVT Lead

Contact us

1455 Blvd. De Maisonneuve West

Montreal, QC, H3G 1M8


+1 514-848-242


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