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The Concordia SAE Aero Design team is a student-run group that competes in the SAE Aero Design Collegiate Design Series organized by SAE International. These are extremely competitive events, with universities from around the world competing with RC Aircrafts designed, manufactured and tested by students.


Concordia BAJA Racing has a history of building off-road vehicles spanning for over 20 years. Every year, the BAJA team has to design a complete vehicle and build it in order to compete in official SAE Collegiate Design Series competitions, where we compete against other universities from across the world.


A team of Concordia engineering students will present and defend its solution at the AeroTech Americas show floor in front of a team of experts. The focus of this project is to design a UAV system that is capable of monitoring and tracking wildfires while providing imagery.


The Formula SAE competition is very similar to the International Formula 1 competitions. It is comprised of 5 dynamic events: Acceleration, Skid Pad, Autocross, Efficiency, and Endurance, as well as a design presentation during which the team explains their design process and decisions.

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Concordia SAE

Concordia SAE, located in Montreal, Quebec, is a student-run chapter of SAE International at Concordia University. A world-renowned engineering organization, SAE International hosts the Collegiate Design Series competitions for students. These yearly international competitions allow students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations, challenging students to design, manufacture, test, and compete with a vehicle in a dynamic environment.

Message From the President

I’m Sev, the President of Concordia SAE for the upcoming year. This is my 3rd year as an active member of the society: I first started off as a member of the systems and propulsions team and then went on to become VP IT for the society the following year. As time went on, I wanted to get more involved in the society, which ultimately lead me to become the president. The society is a place for students in engineering to apply the knowledge they have acquired in classrooms in an experimental environment, or simply work on projects they desire, with no financial risk to themselves. Its main objective is to teach and promote good engineering practices across the board and, as such, produce more experienced engineers. Being part of an SAE team is akin to being part of a family: it allows students to grow, meet new people with different backgrounds and develop their technical skills. The participation in international competitions in the United States makes all those sleepless nights and sacrifices worth it, as the students get to see their work pay off and all the different segments of a project come together as one. I look forward to seeing what our members will come up with this year!

- Sevag Kaspar, President of Concordia SAE

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