Formula Combustion

The ultimate in speed and handling

The Formula SAE competition is very similar to the International Formula 1 competitions. It is comprised of 5 dynamic events: Acceleration, Skid Pad, Autocross, Efficiency, and Endurance, as well as a design presentation during which the team explains their design process and decisions. These are extremely competitive events that are held annually, with an average of 120 colleges and universities attending from around the world .





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About our team:

Concordia Formula SAE is a team of about 25 dedicated students, and we design, build, and race in a Formula One inspired vehicle. The team has been continuously improving over the last couple of years, finishing 34th in our Michigan competition, and 8th at our Lincoln Competition. This year we are building an improved version of last year’s vehicle, in hopes of finishing in the top 5 at FSAE Lincoln.